October 30, 2017





West Seneca Supervisor received Conservative line for Reelection followed by town appointments for Lorigo

 ERIE COUNTY, NY – Today, Michelle Schoeneman, candidate for the Erie County Legislature’s 10th District, criticized her opponent, Joseph Lorigo, and his party-boss father, Ralph Lorigo, for cutting a political backroom deal that put the current West Seneca leadership in office. This leadership has led to higher taxes for residents, including the proposed 12 percent increase in property taxes. Meegan won reelection as Town Supervisor in 2015 because of the support of the Conservative Party, which the Lorigos control.

“The Lorigos put Sheila Meegan in office, leading to higher taxes for all West Seneca residents. Without the Conservative party endorsement, Meegan would have lost her reelection bid.  Instead, the Lorigos made a deal with her and in return, Meegan made appointing Joe Lorigo as West Seneca Town Prosecutor AND compliance officer the first duty of her new term.  The political culture of backroom deals is all the Lorigos know. Now town residents are being asked to foot the bill for these sorts of political machinations.”

In 2011, Meegan opposed a similar deal between then-Supervisor Wallace C. Piotrowski and Ralph Lorigo, which would make Joe Lorigo town prosecutor in exchange for Piotrowski receiving the Conservative endorsement for his reelection.[1] However, just a few years later, Meegan and the Lorigos made the same deal. This deal handed Meegan her reelection win, which she would not have gotten without the almost 4,000 Conservative Party line votes she received.[2] Under Meegan, town taxes have increased 10 percent on top of the currently proposed 12 percent hike.[3]

Schoeneman concluded, “This is the type of politics I have been fighting against and why I decided to challenge my opponent for the 10th district seat in the County Legislature. I am a middle class teacher, community leader, and mother who will be a voice for the working and middle class; not the wealthy and well-connected. For too long the 10th district has been represented by someone who cares only about the wealthy while ignoring the issues impacting working-class residents. It’s time for a change!”

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