Lorigo’s actions would have made Erie County One of the Highest

Taxed Counties in the State

 Erie County, NY – Today, Michelle Schoeneman, candidate for the Erie County Legislature’s 10th District, condemned Joe Lorigo’s vote yesterday against the sales tax extender, which would have left a $273 million crater in the County budget that could only be filled by a massive property tax hike on County residents. Legislators Lynne Dixon and Ted Morton joined Lorigo in voting against the bill, the only three Republican legislators with competitive campaigns this fall, underscoring the purely political nature of their vote. In 2015, Lorigo and the rest of the Legislature unanimously voted for the sales tax extender.

“My opponent’s vote yesterday was a typical display of putting personal political gain over the financial welfare of the people he represents. This is the type of selfish political maneuvering that has caused so many people to lose trust in our elected officials,” Schoeneman said. “Canadian shoppers love visiting our shopping centers in Western New York, and Erie County collects millions each year in sales tax as a result, but my opponent would rather reduce the sales tax and raise our property taxes by over 100 percent. This type of reckless action would have a devastating impact on homeowners and small businesses.”

Lorigo’s irresponsible vote would also have a significant negative impact on towns and villages throughout the County as well. Towns like West Seneca and Aurora would lose out on millions of funding that comes from their portion of the sales tax leading to possible draconian cuts or even worse, further tax increases at the town and village level.

Schoeneman added, “I don’t know how you can claim to be representing the best interests of your constituents when so many of your actions as an elected official are geared towards personal gain for yourself and the people around you at the expense of everyone else. I am a middle class teacher, community leader, and mother who will fight every day for the issues impacting my constituents; not my political career. For too long the 10th district has been represented by someone who cares only about himself and the wealthy while ignoring the issues impacting working-class residents. It’s time for a change!”

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