Candidate Michelle Schoeneman continued her door-to-door tour of the 10th District visiting with voters and listening to their concerns, which has become the hallmark of her campaign for Erie County Legislature.

“I want to know about the real concerns of this District so I can help when I’m elected,” said the upstart grassroots candidate who has earned endorsements from the Democratic and Working Families parties.  “My neighbors want results, and so do I. The Erie County Legislature must do everything it can do to assist the middle class, from improving our roads to lowering taxes.  We need programs and resources that work for people, not politicians.”

Meanwhile, Schoeneman’s opponent, Joe Lorigo, spent his evening hobnobbing with Ralph Lorigo’s powerful and wealthy friends at his father’s “birthday party” where guests were charged $99 to $2,500 dollars to pad his son’s campaign account while gaining access to the Legislator as well as the Chairman of the Erie County Conservative party.


“This birthday party fundraiser is the perfect example of how money, power, and entitlement warp and destroy our political system. It’s another typical display of influence peddling, the kind of thing that destroys the public’s faith in elected officials. I work for voters, not donors,” said Legislative Candidate Michele Schoeneman.


Schoeneman added, “This is the type of pay-to-play politics I have been fighting against and why I decided to challenge my opponent for the 10th district seat in the County Legislature. I am a middle class teacher, community leader and mother who will be a voice for the working and middle class; not the wealthy and well connected. For too long the 10th district has been represented by someone who cares only about the wealthy while ignoring the issues impacting working-class residents. It’s time for a change!”


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